Careers in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

The BCBio major will prepare students for careers at the interfaces of biological, informational and computational sciences. BCBio graduates with a B.S. seeking direct employment will find ready markets for their talents in agricultural and medical biotechnology industries, as well as in academia, national laboratories and clinics.  Although some students find employment directly after their baccalaureate training, many students will continue their education in one of the many excellent graduate programs in bioinformatics that now exist.

There is increasing demand for bioinformaticians in academia.  To prepare for such careers, students would continue to graduate school for a Ph.D.

Biotechnology industry.
There is particular demand in biotechnology pertaining particularly to personal care, industrial organisms, and agriculture. This includes jobs in Iowa.

Pharmaceutical industry.
Designer drugs and predicting the in vivo effect of drugs in silico are two major, and still largely untapped possibilities for the pharmaceutical industry where bioinformaticians could have a role to play.

Summer internships and research opportunities.
Many departments or individual faculty offer the opportunities for interested undergraduates to try their hands at research. For more information visit ISU's Undergraduate Research website.  Positions and application have been posted, check frequently for new postings. Postings are typically made between November and March 1.

Job Search Websites.
For more information on career options and opportunities in the field of bioinformatics and computational biology, check the following job search web sites dedicated to the fields of biotechnology and healthcare. ISU students and alumni can also contact the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Career Services for more information about possible careers in this field.