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Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (BCBio) Undergraduate Major

Bioinformatics and computational biology is an interdisciplinary science at the interfaces of the biological, informational and computational sciences. The science focuses on a variety of topics, including gene identification, expression, and evolution; RNA, protein, and genome structure; and molecular and cellular systems and networks.

Undergraduate study in the BCBio major is jointly administered by the Departments of Computer ScienceGenetics, Development, and Cell Biology, and Mathematics. The large group of participating faculty from these three departments provides students with a multidimensional perspective on bioinformatics and computational biology and presents students with a broad range of possibilities to get involved in research.

The undergraduate B.S. degree and minor are offered through the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. For more information about admission to this major, please visit the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Future Students webpage.

Student Spotlight:

Congratulations to BCBio major Livvy Johnson on her internship with the Data Driven Agriculture REEU Program at the University of Hawaii at Manoa!